Welcome to Greener Homes Solar!

As a homeowner in Canada, the new Federal Greener Homes Grant is an initiative aimed to assist you with getting solar panels on your roof, and to be more energy efficient.  This website is designed to assist you in understanding the initiative, learning how solar panels work, and to provide you with tools so you can see just how much money you can save.  Embark on your solar powered lifestyle with the Greener Homes Grant today!  The process is simple:

Register for the Greener Homes Grant

To begin your journey, start by registering for the Greener Homes Grant through the Natural Resources of Canada website, here:

Book an Energy Audit for Your Home

Find a local EnerGuide energy auditor to perform a pre-evaluation of your homes energy efficiency.  The auditor will recommend how many solar panels you need for your home to make it more energy efficient.  When you register, you will search using your postal code and select a service organization in your area.

Purchase and Install Solar Panels

Find a local solar installer to purchase and install the solar panels onto your house.  The installer will handle everything from pre-design, to installation and commissioning of the solar panels with the local utility company.  

Book a Energy Audit Review for Your Home

Once installed, it’s now time to perform a post-evaluation of your homes energy efficiency.  This time, the auditor will provide a report that outlines how their recommendations were met, and passed, from the pre-evaluation.  You will use this report to submit to the Greener Homes Grant in order to collect your reimbursement.

Collect Your Reimbursement

Take all of your documentation and continue back to the Greener Homes Grant website to complete your reimbursement application.  Get paid!

WHY SOLAR Makes Sense!

With the Greener Homes Grant, it’s now easier than ever to afford putting solar panels on your home.  With the proper sizing, and installation of solar panels on your home, the following graphics illustrate how you can save money on your electricity bill, or even eliminate it altogether.  There are three basic scenarios on how solar panels can save you money:

the solar movement

Join millions of Canadians in making the environmental, economical, and sustainable switch to solar power.  

Ready to start SAVING?

Use the solar calculator tool to determine how many solar panels you need for your home and how much money they will save you on your electricity bills.